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1999 Peavey Wolfgang-Look no further!

Collector owned -Total Closet Queen, Not a flaw to be found. This is IMO these archtop Peavey's were some of the best of the EVH guitars -thanks to absolute scorching tone and blazing fast neck. It's totally stock with OHSC too. Gold top is amazing! This guitar is in better shape than most of the guitars sitting on the wall "new" at the shop where you live.

Fender Richie Kotzen

If you are looking at this you know how amazing this guitar is. If you need specs and info: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/TeleKotzen

Excellent shape and Hard case included. These are the same guitars that Richie uses on stage and in the Studio. He does not have them masterbuilt, he plays them off the rack. This is because of the consistency of the MIJ build quality.

$1100 -Killer deal on this one

Kiesel California Single cut

Ok, We call know it's a Les Paul copy but is it good? Heck yeah! These Kiesels are incredible quality! If you are on a budget and always wanted a Lifeson or Schon Les Paul with almost no compromise in quality and tone -look no further. This guitar feels like a Lifeson Les Paul only with a more modern slim, fast neck. There is no neck heel so you have super simple access to all the frets and can hang up there all day. The body and neck is Korina and the top is AAAA flamed maple. The pickups are PRS Dragon I and 250 set. This was a $350 upgrade! Dragon I pickups are SUPER rare and well known for their creamy lush tone at the neck. The 250 Treble pickup is warm/hot and is perfect for the Korina/ Maple tone wood combo -believe me you won't miss the stock pickups one bit! This guitar is in mint condition and comes with deluxe Soft case


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