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Hi everyone

Hope i will not be banned for heresy :angel: But i added new 7 string shecter to my 2 ibanez guitars i have. I changed stock bridge pickup for Titan 7 (it's awesome :grin2: ) and thinking about neck (stock is more sucks than the bridge was). I'm thinking between Titan and Rainmaker. Yes, new axe is 26.5 scale, drop G# tuning, and all that stuff about Periphery :smile_big: , but i also like Petrucci's lead tones. So it's a dilemma what to choose. Will i have more versatillity and sweetness with leads with Rainmaker, or Titan will give everything i need and i'll just have a pair? Axe is mahogany with poplar burl top and a bolt-on maple neck.

The next issue - i want to change bridge pickup on my RG7620. It has stock Custom 7 model and tuned in standard. The problem is that i get some sort of classic metal tone like Iron Maiden on distortion or Green Day or Offspring when going overdrive. I want to understand what to choose from Dimarzio's range to get a bit more modern sound and add some "beauty singing" on leads. Output power is enough
Neck PU is great, there's no question
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