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today i sold my Uv and planning to buy an rg7321 and mod it.

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today i sold my Universe, and i plan to buy an ibanez rg7321 cuz i dont want a tremolo 7 string guitar soon, and then change the fretboard with an ebony or purple heart or, some of your recommendation, with an inlay on the 12 fret, install emg's emg 81-7 and 707.
And maybe put an inlay on the body, similar to the pyramid inlay on the universe.
What do you think and reccomend?
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i think you shoudl find an old good 7621.. for what you got for the UV, you should be able to pick up a great used 7621 and have a bit left over for mods.
yes im looking for an rg7621 or 7421, but i live in mexico, the only place those guitar are found is on evil bay, and shipping goes around $150 so price increase a lot.

But taking an rg7321 with a good luthier, maybe could change the guitar, with a nice fretboard and some mods like i mentioned, but im looking for some opinions on fretboard woods, the luthier is going to charge me $1500 Mexican pesos or $140 us, for the fretboard change and inlay, and some $100us for the body.

The rg7321 is a $400us guitar, plus $140 for fretboard change, plus another $100 for the body inlay pickup cavity and install and repaiting, plus $200 for the emg's, makes it a $840us customized guitar.
You should have kept the UV neck and sold the rest for parts. Than you could have got a decent lightweight American Basswood body made and modded it whatever way you wanted.
Hey JN777 have they already picked up the UV ???
que onda, ya se la llevo ayer!

Whats up, yes he came yesterday for the guitar.
Being korean, id try to get all the hardware replaced too...
of course im going to install locking tuners,
is the fixed bridge different from a 7321 to a 7621?
if only i own an UV, i wouldn't trade it for anything else.
Absolutely no way. But different people have different preferences.
Good luck with the mods!
I'm just going to put a tremol-no classic on my uv when they become available.
today i ordered the emg pickups one 81-7 and a 707 with an emg-exg. but havent found a guitar
yeah i agree too, but shipping cost is a lot, like $150 bucks
today i received an email from the place i bought the pickups, and they told me that if can receive the stuff on the US, cuz they have to pay customs, and they can add to my credit the shipping cost i paid, but i live in Mexico, i told them that before i bought anything, and asked shipping costs and shipping time. but i was never warned about this.
Ill keep looking for a guitar, if you know about one tell me.

Best Regards

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