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Tone and Volume Controls

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I would you say would be the appropriate settings for rock? blues? classical? I know its diffrent on every guitar and amp but I thought it would be interesting to ask.
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Set Vol @ 8, Tone @ 7 - sound's good on most guitars for rock or bules, Classical -i set Vol @ 9, Tone @ 9 , good clean balance with nice tone, when switching pickup's work's fine for me bro!
i think thats a really difficult question because each guitars different, and because the genres you list are very flexible in terms of tone. theres not "set" rock tone, you can always play around with that
Volume -> 10
Tone -> Disconnect it!!

When you only got a Volume knob you'd be amazed what you can do with it!! (it's a lot easier to remember to dial your volume down for some dirty blues and then go near full blast for some raging distortion!!)
To achieve a particular sound, what matters is the wood, pickups, amp EQ, and the controls on your guitar. On my Line 6 Clean channel, I find that I can get a nice Jazz tone out of my Strat by rolling just the tone knob down to a 6. Doesn't eliminate the twang, though. ;)
Just experiment, you'll find by experimenting you will discover sounds that other people will interpret differently.

I always hate 'what settings etc' threads since you're never going to get close unless you're using identical/very simlar gear.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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