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Tone Bone Opinions?

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Hello all.

I'm currently using a Boss GT5 for the tones I get. I've had the unit for really long, though some might say the tone doesn't cut it, but through tweaking and tweaking I've found a nice tone which I play through. But what happens when I go to a different amp from the one I have at home is disastrous. It sounds as if I'm playing through a keyboard amplifier. Yes the whole bees in a bottle phenomenon takes place.

I run my jem or universe straight through the pedal right to the input of the amp. The unit is pretty old from a time where emulation was almost absent from guitar-dom.

I'm currently looking for a good distortion pedal to provide me with a nice warm tone, particularly on the high gain settings. I play hard rock with my band, but please no scooped metal tones for me. I always get lost in the mix when I try out some scooping.

The other guitarist in my band is using a tonebone classic, and believe me it sounds really awesome. I want to ditch the whole multieffector thing and go with single pedals from now on.

Any opinions on the tonebone hot british or the trimode?
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Dammit I posted this in the wrong forum...apologies.
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