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Hi there

Attempting to wire up my RG2550 with the tosin_abasi_custom.pdf diagram from the Dimarzio site (sorry, cant post links yet).

The only difference I have is a Virtual 2 as my middle pickup and Im not 100% where I should be pointing the wiring from that as its 4 wire.

Cant find too many wiring diagrams for an EP1112 with a Push-pull tone pot and standard volume.

If I cant get something to work properly with this I can use the factory 5way as I have seen a few diagrams that will fit that - just seems a waste to have that lovely switch in the parts box.
Thanks for your time.


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I'm going to be wiring my RGA8 with Ionizers the same way.
I have the diagram too.
You can just leave the pickup wired so there are only two wires to connect to the guitar.
Then ground to the pot back and hot to the switch where the diagram shows.
I'm guessing you have the VLX91 switch, it's needed to do this.
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