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I've got a fever, and the only prescription is another Ibanez! I've recently acquired the Ibanez bug, and feel a tremendous need to get another. I'm a little short on cash to actually buy a nicer guitar straight out, so I'm wondering if anyone might be interested in a trade for a Kramer Stagemaster Standard from ca. 1986. Depending on the model you'd be willing to trade, I'd also consider throwing in some cash on my end too. Not to mention that for the right guitar, I'd be willing to trade the Kramer plus this RG550 I have listed in this thread: http://www.jemsite.com/forums/f28/fs-rg550-1987-a-76848.html

Both are very nice guitars, but are in player condition, so the Ibanez for which either or both might be traded could be in any condition too. I'm mostly looking for slightly higher end guitars. I like the signature models a lot and I like the Edge trems a lot too. So less expensive Gambales and Gilberts are basically what I'm looking for right now and I think would be reasonable trades depending on specifics. I'll also consider certain other RG models, etc. Again, each deal could be different, so cash and/or my RG550 could conceivably be added into the mix. Let me know what you have!

Here are the specifics on the Kramer Stagemaster:

It's a ca. 1986 Stagemaster Standard flattop. The guitar is a great player, with a very sweet ebony board and the nice 24 frets, although honestly, the body is only in player's shape cosmetically. It has a fair amount of scratches and a couple larger chips and some dings. This is not a collector's piece!

The guy I bought the guitar from changed the pickup to a Seymour Duncan Blues Saraceno and added a volume pot with coil tap feature. HOWEVER, the original zebra humbucker and volume pot were also given to me by him and I will include them as well. The Blues Saraceno sells for $95 new on Musicians Friend.

Other than a small indentation behind the third fret, the neck is in excellent condition. I don't notice it when I play, but it's there if you feel around for it.

There are three different levels of looking at this guitar. The first from a distance makes it look nice, with basically no flaws noticeable other than perhaps the scrape on the lower horn. The second view a bit closer up reveals the main paint chips and dings. The third close up shows wuite a bit of scratching and a couple of dings, as well as the chips. However, one of the nice parts of it being a black guitar is that if you wanted to make it look better, I think it would be very easy to match up the paint. Also, I have not had the guitar buffed, so my guess is that many of the scratches would come out. Surprisingly, the headstock has stayed in almost perfect condition. I have the back plate, but am missing one screw where the plastic hole broke at one angle and the wood where that screw goes in inside the interior is chipped at the end. The back plate still screws on, just without the one screw.

I don't have a case for the guitar, but will ship this in a brand new generic Fender tweed-like gigbag I just bought for it.

Pictures of it.


www.vintagekramer.com lists the value of these as $700-$1000, and this one has an added pickup. Hope we might be able to work something out.
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