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Ok, I've got an RG 570 that I want to trade for a Wolfgang Export. The 570 was MIJ, has the wizard neck with bubinga(?) laminate running through the middle of it.

There is a chip in the paint, which goes to the wood and a crack in the finish near it. These are on the bottom just in front of the output jack. Other then that the guitar is in good shape. I just had it checked out buy a local guitar luthier and he said its good to go. I have a green soft case for it, but its made from very durable material.

The 570 plays really nice, but I love my Wolfgang export so I want to get another. I'll include a brand new evolution bridge pup with the 570.

PM me if interested or e-mail me at:

[email protected]



P.S.- Other trades would be considered, such as a Epiphone LP custom(Zack Wylde model, Flamed Cherry Sunburst or Ebony) Thanks again!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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