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Trem post holes mis-shapen

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Ive got a hold of an old RG570 body, but the trem post on the right has been mishapen, and wouldnt certainly not support a trem in it. It looks like tis grinded away the wood towards the top of the trem cavity, and is far too large now.

Is there anything i can do to repair it? And would it be a permanent fix? Or is this a lost cause?
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Plug the hole with a dowel and woodglue then re-drill perhaps?
Thats exactally what my dad just suggested :)

Would that be a permanent fix if done properly?
i always thought if that happenned on my guitar i would try making a nice slightly bigger hole, and recessing the back of the hole a bit and then making myself a PERFECT sized bit of wood to go through the hole and make it right size and shape, and be able to stick in the recess u made.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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