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I picked up a 7 string body that looks to be copied from an Ibanez (all access type neck heel and other similarities). I'm searching for a trem for it and nothing fits. It has a 73mm post spacing and no 7 string tremolo I can find has this.

Someone told me that Ibanez uses or used to use this post-spacing. Can anyone confirm this? If so, what tremolo(s) have this spacing? I'd prefer it if it was not a locking trem, but I'd love any leads.
I looked at IBZ's parts cataloge, but they don't list post spacing. There was a 7 string tremolo in 2002 called the "TZ" tremolo that looks promising.

Alternatively, is there a source for a replacement body that has an all access type heel (Warmoth uses std strat heels) as I already have the neck that goes with it?

Thanks muchly,
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