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Hi guys!
Time for me to contribute a little to this great guitar community. :)

I got a brand new Tech21 Sansamp Tri A.C. about a month back... and I've been amazed at the versatility of this little black box. Yes, don't be taken back by its "just 5 knobs and 3 footswitches" look... this baby can handle fender cleans to fat jazz tones... british light crunch to heavy rock crunch... thick hard rock distortion to heavy saturated metal lead tones.... And the best part is, you can add a booster/gain pedal before it for an extra gain stage!

BUT! This baby doesn't handle metal rhythm tones very well, IMO. If you want modern metal with loads of chug and note defination, you got to get the Sansamp GT2 pedal instead. The gain on the TRI AC at 3 oclock is equal to the gain on the GT2 at 12.

Ok! Back to the TRI A.C. ... the overall voicing of the pedal is towards the vintage side... its got no problems handling vintage tones and it can get very heavy with a good booster pedal before it. How responsive is it? Its very very responsive to your picking dynamics, even on hi gain settings. Tube-ish would be the term to describe it... on the Fender setting, you can get a almost-on-the-verge-breaking-up tone, esp if you are using something like an X2N.

Whats bad abt this? It takes a LONG time to tweak this pedal.. and every control seem to affect the others... like if you tweak your mids up, you'll find your bass getting thicker and your treble getting slightly lower... like there's an eq curve and the controls effect an area on the curve, not just 1 small section. Very tweakable. Plus, on the brit channel, the lower the gain, the more crunchy and bright it is... up the gain, it gets more heavy crunch but with a darker and more saturated tone. All these little nauces make the TRI A.C. a very versatile unit, if you spend the time with it.
Also, note that every little change to the equipement you use, be it your guitar or amp, the tri ac will have to be tweaked all over again.

Settings can be saved... and if you need to find back your old settings, just go to that channel and turn the knobs around, the LED on that channel will blink faster as you near your saved setting. How cool is that? :)

Sturdy construction but the black paint does chip off rather easily. And the footswitches look and feel very sturdy.

In anycase, the best thing abt the TRI A.C. IMO, is that you don't need to carry an amp around. Just your pedal board. Go to venue, plug into any clean amp (tweak accordingly) or just plug into the PA, and you are ready! I rem when I first got my TRI AC and i plugged into the PA... my other guitarist suddenly looked up and exclaimed, "Is THAT coming from THAT?"

Okay! Sometimes, words can't describe tone so here's a recoridng I did with the TRI A.C. Sorry that there's no clean tones in this...

Setup is as follows.
Ibanez S520EX with Breed neck and X2N --> Bad Horsie Wah 2 --> TS9DX modded to Keeley Specs --> TRI A.C. --> Demeter Mid Boost pedal --> Roland Microcube on JC Clean setting with TONE at 1030hrs

Microcube is then Line out into my notebook's line in... running SONAR 2.2XL. All reverb, delay, chorus and efx (other than wah) is via SONAR.

I used the TS9DX to boost the TRI A.C. just to up the gain level. Otherwise,
At 1:31 to 1:47, I used the Demeter for a super fat tone. Tri AC at CALIF settings.
At 4:00 to end, I used the Demeter again. Tri AC at CALIF settings.

EDIT: I used some eq and compression to liven up the tone because my notebook's sound card is crap. It actually cuts off some frequencies so my recordings ALWAY sound like a 1980's recording.

You can hear the different pickup settings I use on my guitar.. its the standard Ibanez wiring for H-H config.

Tri AC test song

Hmmm... have i missed out anything? Well guys, feel free to ask questions... this TRI AC is something I feel is a real gem.

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