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I currently have a Triaxis 2.0 which i'm satisfied totally with it..

BUT, I mostly use the clean modes, and the Lead 2 modes wich are modded after the mark series..

Thats why I'm interested to sale it and get a Mark Head instead..

i really like lead2 g & y for my leads and L2 RED for my rythms (i can get a really tight and aggressive high gain ryhtm sound out of it)

will the Mark IV will be able to deliver that tones to me.. I suppose that yellow and green modes are possible because it is supposed to be the boogie sound... but does it have the amount of gain that the L2 Red mode of the triaxis have??

i'd really apreciate your comments and if possible some sound clips are welcome also..

And a final question.. what's your opinion on the Tremoverb? i had an offer to change my triaxis for the tremoverb... i'm positive on it but i dont have the chance to test it unfortunatelly..
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