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Trip to chicago......have a question

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Well i was up in chicago to visit some family this weekend and the first of the week. I visited the guitar center on monday and i have a question. There was a young guy with reddish/blondish hair playing a Jem BSB through a crate there. He was playing Juice and some other popular Vai tunes. Just curious to know if it was a fellow jemsite member or not. I didn't get a chance to ask as i am very shy in real life.
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Which GC did you go to? The one on Halsted is my favorite GC I've been too... used to go there almost every day and a few of the folks still know me, sadly.
I like the Arlington Heights one best as far as selection goes. They are putting one up in Gurnee soon, which I'm sure will put at least 1 local store (the one I teach at) out of business. Personally though I hate Guitar Center anyway, but I'm sure we all have GC horror stories.
Cool. Chicago is a very nice city. It could be a Jemsiter...who knows.....maybe he'll post "It was me!" :)
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