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Tuning stability problems.....

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I have owned a Jem7vsbl for two years now and haven't had any problems with it. The tremelo has always been stable in terms of staying in tune. Recently I replaced the pickguard and put a different one on. Now, for some reason, I dont know if it has anything to do with the pickguard, but if i pull up on the trem or push down, the strings will either go up in pitch or down in pitch (respectively) at least a quarter of a step, almost a half step. This has never happened before and I tried stretching the strings more......hasn't worked......tried tightening the string saddle blocks on the trem.......didn't do anything....and I tried tightening the locking screws up top........didn't do anything. Any help is appreciated. Thanks...

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Is the bridge getting hung up on the new pickguard? Make sure there is enough clearance.
Can that affect the tuning this badly?

That was a concern of mine in the beginning.......It looks like it might be touching the bridge a little bit
I doesn't take much to screw the tuning completely.
At the corners of the trem......
That would do it. File away the bit of the pickguard that is touching the trem.
I will give it a shot......thanks.......any tool you would recommend using?

Is there a way to do this without taking hte pickguard off?
Be better if you took the guard off, otherwise you risk damaging the guitar.

A needle file would be a good tool to use, or just a little sandpaper - it depends how much you need to take off.
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