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.:Up for trade: Ibanez Maxxas MX-2 & 540P:.

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Up for trade: Ibanez Maxxas MX-2 & 540P

I've been thinking over this for sometime but since I'm totally into 24 frets it's time to let these rare beauties go. I don't play them anymore and since I'm not a devoted collector they deserve a new good home.
I'm looking for a trade(s) (or you have to make an offer I can't refuse :)).

Ibanez Maxxas MX-2 (mintgreen):
Completely original with the backstop bridge.
- There's a ding in the bottom which you can't see from the frontside nor the backside.
- There are some tiny stresscracks on the back off the neck where the screws for the lockingnut are mounted.
- Very, very, very small crack in both pockets of the neckjoint.

- The face of the guitar is completely clean, I mean completely!
- The hardware is immaculate, no pitting or whatsoever
- Fretboard is very clean
- Frets have plenty life left in them


Ibanez 540P (magenta):
Completely original with the backstop bridge.
Well, what can I say about this guitar. Except for (usual) tiny cracks in the pockets of the neckjoint, this guitar is mint!
No pitting on hardware, no dings or scratches.


Both guitars have a case.

I guess if you are looking for these guitars I don't have to tell you that these are quite rare.

I'm in for trades:
- Ibanez only
- 24 frets
- USA custom
- JPM1, JPM2 or JPM90th
- I will consider any other highend Ibanez you come up with
- I'm willing to ship worldwide
- I'm located in the Netherlands

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some pics of these beauties:


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Any traders out there?
I'd hate it to list them on the bay......
The Maxxas has been sold, the 540P still up for sale.
Possible trades are mentioned in the first post.
Actually I was looking to trade the Maxxas + 540P for a highend 24 fretter but since the Maxxas has been sold I guess selling the 540P will be more likely then a trade. If, however, you have something in mind let me know. I might consider it.

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