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USA Custom (last time for sale, lowered price)

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Item for sale:USA Custom USRG10 (fixed bridge)

Description & Condition: I would rate the guitar 98% with light marks on the bottom of the guitar and two little stress cracks where the headstock meets the neck. Nothing affecting playability or performance. Great guitar for those looking for something simple. Dimarzio pickups (Tone Zone in bridge/Paf Pro in neck), PBC Tension Free Neck, AANJ, Great great guitar. Pics on request.

Asking Price: 925 Shipped w/ Gig Bag included

My Location: Wilmington, NC
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Haha glad to see you finally joined man, bet you'll find jemsite fun.
guys if you know each other (or not) take it to "off topic" or PM please :)
sorry about that man, will do :winK:

Guitar is still for sale, i forgot to mention that this is the same guitar featured in the USA custom gallery on jemsite found here: http://www.jemsite.com/usa/gallery/usrg/usrg10/index.htm
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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