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USA Custom Specs - Common Features

Ibanez USA Custom Specifications

USA Custom Common Features

USA Custom Guitar Details

  • 25.5 scale
  • 24 frets
  • Rear routed body cavity (no pickguard)

Made in USA Construction - see each individual Spec Sheet for the location/factory of manufacture and where the wood supplies were obtained.

Custom Made to Order Option - All USA Customs could be customized and made to order, except the USRG line which came as-is. The models listed above (as per the Ibanez catalog and dealer price sheets) are the stock models as designed by the Custom Shop. People could order the guitars as shown, and dealers might have ordered them for inventory unchanged. Alternately, there was a custom shop spec sheet to allow the customer to choose between a menu of options. The customer would specify their choice for the body, hardware and Dimarzio Pickups. Various neck options were also available to customers, including choice of fretboard wood, inlays, neck binding and an optional reversed headstock.
Information obtained and confirmed from these sources: Ibanez, Ibanez Guitar Catalogs, Dealer Price Lists, various JEM enthusiasts & sites on the links page
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