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Hey guys.

I don't know if this one's rare or not, but i just happened to go by a music store here in sweden, and ran into a USA Custom Custom Graphic from 1988, with the road song graphics on it! It's a really wonderful guitar. It's all beaten up and stuff, the neck looks like it's benn slammed into alot of stuff, there are lots of marks on the back, probably scrathed by a beltknob or something.

Fitted with some kind of active pickup in the bridge, and a single in the mid which i don't what it was either. And a IBZ/USA something neck single pup.
If I would buy it, I probably will change the bridge pup to a DiMarzio something, and the neck single will probably be a sustainer i think. I wonder if i should just rip out the mid pup and leave a empty hole there, so it gets that "totally beaten up" look. My guitar teacher had an old black guitar that still was in excellent playing shape, but was so beaten up that there were almost no black at all left on it, just scratches and bare wood, and with a OFR, and a PAF Pro in the bridge, with no mid or neck pup (although it were empty holes there). I think it was a Yamaha, that he had highly modificated. This guitar really reminded me of it.
It's the "Road Song" graphics, Here's a pic.

I wonder how much that guitar would be worth. It's not really in great shape, but the neck is real straight, and everything seems to be in order. The neck is a dream, even if it's beaten up and has alot of scratches. That's just vintage, and it looks killer. Plus, it's older than me, dammit! (I'm a -89:er)
The price for it is something like 1,500$
It doesn't sound the best, but i think it's the pups. A USA Custom really should sound killer after all. And if it doesn't with new pups, you can just say "Hey, it's a USA Custom. This is the custom sound. Of America" and people will think it sounds good anyway.
Is it worth buying and replacing the mics on it, or should i consider buying a brand new guitar instead? Plus i want to know the rarity of this piece.
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