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USRG Series Tension Free™ Neck

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Hi, this is my firts post, look I very interested in the USRG series Tension Free™ neck...

“I have had guitar players from all over the world play my tension free guitars and there comments are wow what incredible sustain, tone and how easy it is to play 10 gauge strings they feel like 9s, it is just easier to play. “

Dave Bunker

Is this really truth? I'm asking here because I saw that there are forum's members that have USRG series guitars... is really better than a normal neck?

If is better why players like Vai or Satriani don't uset it ?

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i'd attribute any extra sustain of a double-locker to setup vs technology here. it's not better, just slightly different.... glen
I've had several USRGs. there is a little difference but not that much. Kind of like the way a neck thru has a little more sustain but not much. I did rather like my USRGs but the necks never felt natural. They never had a normal curve to them. almost like you adjust the angle of the neck and not the bow of the neck. Fact is good wood and good setup equals good sustain. I mean I have owned several neck thrus a couple usrgs and a load more bolt on guitars and as far as sustain the usrgs were in the middle my tops were my one j-custom and a les paul i had.
Thanks Winterlog for the info...

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