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usrg30 finish problems

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Ok well i know my usrg30 is at least 9 years old, i'd expect it to show some wear and tear but i am getting a little concerned.

I know that with play over time, you eventually will wear through the finish, it is happening on the neck but what i am more concerned about is the headstock, i was looking over it and the headstock is really strating to turn dark. What could cause this, i take care of my stuff , it isn't abused, i dont expose it to exterm temps and too much moister or too little . Yet the head stock has become dark.

I dont think this is normall considering my rg570 is a few years older and everthing looks great on it.
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front or bad. Also on these guitars the head stock was no finished alot with the neck. so the finishes will not act the same.
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