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Hello everyone!

I have a premium universe UV70p. From the moment i touched it i know i was doomed, i never played a guitar with the same feel. The neck is rediculous and I have a thing going for pickguard equipped guitars.
The only and biggest problem is the Edge Zero ii 7 trem. It wont stay in tune, I have a lot of experience with setting up floyds but this one cracked my skull when i first got the guitar. Often the high e string breaks by just replacing strings.
I ordered elixir .10 7 string set and i had to add 2 springs to keep the bridge level.
The nut is also poor quality, it has grooves from the strings in them already after 2x string swapping.
I dont want to get rid of this guitar, I want to replace the nut and the worthless trem for an OFR 7 or high end Edge. Everywhere I've read people say there isnt a replacement for this because of the stud (pole) distance. Im a cnc machinist myself so i dont have any problem changing the routing. But can I actually change the stud distance in the body in a professional way?

Greets Richard! (English isn't my native language so dont go spell nazi on my ass :p )
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