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hello everybody I recently bought an used UV777 bk 3 weeks ago it looks good no big scratches or rust, At the begining the trem was a big dificult world to me I came from a fixed bridge guitar and always want a bridge to dive and pullup abuse but this bridge goes out of tune (sad) Now I understand a little bit more about the floating trems, I screw and unscrew things and I realized what is the problem.

1) The height of the bridge is not paralel in the higher strings is lower the height .. see the picture http://i.imgur.com/vWi0D.jpg

I cant adjust the eight because it seems that I dont have the 1.5mm wrenche to loose the stud lock .. I have only 3 the small for the intonation the middle for the locking nut and the bigger I dont know what is for.. see the picture of the wrenches


2) The guitar goes out of tune with pullups it makes the notes sharper and with a dive it returns in tune, exactly as rich said here http://www.ibanezrules.com/tech/setu..._stability.htm

I can see how the bridge can not return to the zero point with the pullups so I understand that I have to lubricate the knive edge as Rich says..

So it seems that I found the problem I'd like to lubricate the edge without leaving all the bridge.. any advice for doing that inthe correct way is welcome a video or link is welcome too.. Thank you so much I really need your help I am new about edge trems please help me..
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