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uv777?should i risk and get it?

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i have a super good deal rite now someone is offering me. a uv777for 850US not with a hardshell case. i never played a 7string but i really like the jem series guitars and was gotta get a jem7v. but running little on cash... so u guys think i should risk it and get a 7 sting?
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I'd do it! 7 is always better than 6 specially with such a price difference.

I would personally get the UV because i play 7 strings.

I have to say though that a 7 string UV/RG is a very different guitar to play compared to a Jem, VERY different,so i wouldn't get one without trying one first.
At that price you can very likely sell it again without any loss (and possibly a gain) if you don't love it, so there's little to lose. They are very nice 7's.
If you can, definatly try it before.
Even if its a good price, let's not toss money anywhere just like that.
I would personally hesitate because I have never had a 7 string in my hands, I went for the 7VWH.. with a possible look on 7 string guitars later on.

But IT IS a nice deal..
Go see if you can try it first ;)
I played the black UV the other day at guitar center cuz they have a used one sitting around. Before that I have never played a 7 string. Well the neck felt pretty nice and I didn't really know for sure what I was doing on it but felt like if I ever learned that I would get one for sure. The universes are some of the best 7 strings to make the transistion from 6 to 7 on I think.
i went from an EVH copy to an RG1527, took me a few days to get my head properly around it, but i love it to bits and dont know how i ever managed without 7 strings!
not a hard transision, and at that price u cant afford not to give it a go!!!
For 850????? Are you kidding me! Buy it! You can always sell it later if you don't like it, and probably for more than 850 if it's in good shape
Go for it. The UV777BK is a great guitar plus it's a 7-string. ;)
Well, it all depends on condition, of course... but for a 777BK, if it's in good shape, that's a great price.

UV's own without remorse. Once you're used to the neck, you won't regret it. :)
Ditto the neck observation, this is what went on in my head when I took one for a spin at the local store:

"Hmmm, this neck is too lar......Wow! That feels way nice!!!!!!!

Bought it. Love it.
Jafo said:
"Hmmm, this neck is too lar......Wow! That feels way nice!!!!!!!
YES i know exactly what you mean!!! when i forst looked a 7 i thought "wow a fat neck looks cool but must be a female dog to play" then had a go and loved every second!!
7s rule!!
i played a UV777BK, and didn't really get to shred it properly, as the crazy owner had it tuned entirely in 4ths (BEADGCF) which i couldnt get with. it felt really nice though. no harder to play than my jems, just different. the bridge felt a bit strange, but it may have just been a case of not being used to his setup. they look gorgeous in the flesh.
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