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UV777 tremolo's interchangeable

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Hi all,

Want to know if the Edge Pro 7 tremolo off the UV777 models produced from 2003 to 2009
can be swapped for the Lo Pro Edge 7 tremolo off the earlier and later UV777 models (1998 - 2002 and 2010 - 2012) ?

Basically, are all UV777 bodies from 1998 up to 2012 routed the same ?

Have tried searching this forum but didn't come up with the answer, but i'm confident there's enough knowledge on here to answer this question :wink2:
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Why would you want to swap, just retrofit the locking posts and the performance is just as good.
Personal preference ... i like the Lo Pro, used to it from playing a K7.

I dont get what you say about retrofitting locking posts ??
Original Edge and Edge Lo Pro trems have pivot bolts with locking screws down the middle of them so that once the height of the post is set it can be locked in place so that it can't move.

From a functional and technical perspective that's the only real advantage over the Edge Pro.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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