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UV77MC Custom

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Item for sale: Custom UV77MC

Description & Condition: excellent

Asking Price: $2150USD + shipping

My Location: Abbotsford, BC

Terms of Sale/Purchase: Paypal (+3%) international money order in US funds

Again with every regret I could have about selling a guitar present, I have to offer this guitar for sale. Due to a deal falling through on the Leviathan 7, one of the two guitars (leviathan or UV) has to go. Xmas bills have smothered me along with the expenses of getting LGM Guitars up and running again and I need some cash now. Here is what this guitar is:

Mahogany UV body with grip and claw
UV7BK neck, green dots
Standard UV parts, Blaze pickups, lo pro edge etc
ATD swirl and an amazing swirl that I waited 18 months for.
UV1000C case

If you are interested please let me know ASAP, only one of the 2 7's will be sold, either this one, or the leviathan 7, once one is sold the other will be taken off the market. Thank you

[email protected] or PM on jemsite.


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Holy crap what a beautiful guitar...."if I only had the extra cash......."
Sorry that you have to part with it, but I wish you luck with the sale.
Also, the case for this guitar is a pink lined UV case. It's not in fantastic shape, but decent, the combo lock is broken as seems to be the case with so many UV cases, and there are scuffs, but it is the pink lined case.
Very nice swirl. Sorry to hear you're letting it go.
Reduced to $2000 shipped in the lower 48 or canada!!!!!!
Must go now, the electrical bill came in for the paint booth at nearly $2000 MORE than expected. so...........
Reducing to $1900 shipped in the lower 48 or canada :'(
Sold pending payment, deal of the year I'm sure, I'm sure the new happy owner will let you all know who he is as soon as he has the guitar :)
Jeremy is tied up this weekend, but the guitar is sold and he has received payment.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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