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V Drum question.. maybe someone can answer

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My girlfriends dad has a set of Roland V drums that he is playing through a crate gx15 right now. it sounds like garbage. he would like to get a new amp but doesn't want to spend very much money. these are simply for him to play at his home. doesn't need to be anywhere near a gigging volume level. i don't think he wants to go over 150-200 dollars. so i was thinking maybe some decent powered studio monitors (or single reference monitor and just run them mono) that he could put on stands behind the drums for like $150. i ws also told a keyboard amp, but the ones i've seen that weren't like Gorilla were over $200, and a little big for the amount of floorspace he has (also why i considered monitors on stands). any ideas?? i know very little about v drums
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Why not just headphones? Does he actually jam with a band or????
he has headphones, but he wanted an amp.. personally i would probably only use headphones.. but.. i guess he just wants what he wants
Use a three piece setup, two satelite speakers and a sub. Your cheapest/best alternative are consumer grade computer music setups. They have the amps built in, and they start around $50 for something small. You can go up to $150 and get something really good for that application. Even two computer speakers without a sub would be fine, but the sub is necessary to replicate the full frequency of the module. You should put the sub near the throne or next to the kick drum. Then you can set the satelites on stands, or even on the floor aiming straight up into the air, on either side of the throne.

I find keyboard amps to be midrangey and compressed for V-drums, and the Roland "drum amps" aren't much better.

I use computer speakers for monitoring guitar stuff all the time, and they are actually OK. Since I am crap you would never know the difference.

I always keep a keyboard amp though, because they are pretty useful if you just want to run something (whatever) through an amp and just get some volume, I have even run guitars through with multi effects units and they are ok.

PC speakers are definately the easiest/cheapest. Nicole make som egood cheap systems. I have had the same one for about 6 years, and I have never felt the need to upgrade.
sweet guys.. didn't think about the computer speakers, but its a great idea. thanks
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