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I’m redoing my parts Axstar guitar that is modded to take 3 humbuckers. My plan is to use an IBZ/USA F2 in the bridge and a V2 & V1 in the middle and neck respectively.

I haven’t had the V1 & V2 pups in a guitar for years so my memory is a bit foggy on how they sound. From what I remember they were pretty good but nothing special; like a mid-output generic PAF type. I’m also thinking of modding them with a magnet swap so they match the F2 a bit better. I’m thinking an A8 or A9 for the V2 and an A3 or un-oriented A5 for the V1. I think they have A5 magnets stock.

Can anyone give me a general description of how they sound with stock magnets?

Has anyone done a magnet swap on these and what were your results?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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