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V7 and V8 wiring with 3 way switch?

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Hi' guys.

I wanna install the old pick ups from my RG into a guitar as an experiment.
I've been searching google, but can't find any really good drawings/guides (I only know how to solder - nothing about electronics).

So, I wanna set 'em up as you'd see it in a Les Paul, with a three way switch and two volume, and two tone pots.

Thanks in advance.
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solder the white wire to the green wire. i did the same thing to my Ibanez, except with one volume and one tone. i used a 3way lever style switch. at firsst i had wired it so that when the switch was in the middle position both pickups were tapped and only the innermost coils were active....nice clean tone even if it was lacking in volume. then i wired it so both pickups were in full humbucking mode when in the middle position and found that the tone was even more usable. good luck on the wiring. let us know how u like the tones u get.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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