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Written by Ava

Musical instrument Guitar Gesture Art Font

Did you know that it was The Beatles and other guitar-based groups in the 60s that were the ones that started the world's obsession and demand for the electric guitar?

I most certainly did not. But here's some more interesting info. Apparently, it was this demand for the guitar that caused several factories that had previously been making accordions to switch to the manufacturing of guitars. What does one get when that happens? Accordian-like push buttons on the guitar of course (along with some glittery designs.

GL Wilson explains this whole phenomenon on his Guitarz site and then includes a photo of cool rare vintage Eko 400 Blue Sparkle Resoglas Guitar. Upon looking at this stunner, I couldn't help but laugh at the things some people will do to a guitar-for decoration purposes of course. I could see some kind of girly punk band playing one of these-but some of them are too much even for them. Check out a photo on his site.

Totally cool...and totally not right for what I'm looking for. Oh well, moving on.
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