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VLX91 switch in an RG565 causing endless headaches...

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Trying to wire an RG565 with two (stock?) four-wire pickups and a VLX91 switch. The closest setup to what I want looks like the schematic for the RGT3020 on the Ibanez site.

However, wired exactly like that, the first switch position (bridge) sounds way too weak and the fifth (neck) position is silent, though the others seem ok. I've double checked everything and can't figure out what I've got wrong. The wires on my pickups are different colors (red, black, blue, and yellow). Am I correct in assuming that blue=green and yellow=white?

Am I doing something wrong, is this schematic wrong, or do I have a bad pickup coil or something? Thanks for any help!
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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