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I've just about finished the 12 Jems and Uni's in my mega Ibanez project and found a lonely old beat up RG body that Al gave me years ago.
It was dark blue and had some odd routing in the front cav and lots of dings and scratches.
I stood looking at it for a few minutes and decided to change it into a Voyager

I stripped the paint off and fannied about with it for an hour.
I've changed the old square heel to all access and it will need a lot of wood infill.
This is how far I got.

Guitar accessory Musical instrument Sleeve Wood Hat

Textile Sleeve Denim Wood Font

Musical instrument Guitar accessory Guitar String instrument accessory Wood

Guitar accessory Wood Art Font String instrument accessory

Wood Art String instrument accessory Natural material Font

Wood Art Paint Font Flooring

Probably will use this thin Ziricote top.

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Mega indeed, you've been on a roll lately!

I'm used to seeing ziricote on basses and back/sides of acoustics and classicals, always dramatic grain. This is going to look great. I assume you'll build another one of those killer multi-laminate necks ;).
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