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W00T! My j-custom collection finally made it on Ibanezregister

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Man, I never thought Jerry would ever get around to adding my stash of Ibanez Customs to the Ibanezregister, but he finally did. Glad to see that some of my stuff filled some gaps in the customs collection. (Wish they were already there when I bought my RG1302 and RG1880s).

Here's the link for those of you interested.
http://ibanezregister.com/Gallery/groups/bud royce lam.htm


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those are damn nice!! no 7s tho *whipcrack noise*
That RG1302-LBU is gorgeous, i love the RG1880S-NT model too, look like definite no nonsense players guitars :D
All look gorgeous, but the 1880 has to be the nicest. The natural finish is definitely sexy! :)
timi_h said:
those are damn nice!! no 7s tho *whipcrack noise*
I actually own a UV777Bk that I had Vai sign for me years ago. It's not on the register since everyone has already seen a UV777bk, so I only sent Jerry my Ibanez Customs. Fear not though, soon (dunno how soon) I'll have a 7 string J-Custom in that collection(probably a JCRG7-VV or a 8127). Just need some cash for some other things right now (hence the listings in the classified section).

Thanks for the compliments guys.
Gorgeous guitars Budd, I love J-customs. Jerry put my 8270 up on the register a while back, and ive a 8520 coming in from Japan in a week or two, ill have to send Jerry a few pics...
Thats a great site for drooling over all those JCs isnt it?
I saw the RG8270's that he put up. It's definitely a great site to drool over JC's.

Which RG8520 are you getting voodoo child? The Trans Turquoise one 'Ish' had in the u-box? Or did you manage to find another one somewhere?
Haha, its a small world. I guess im not the only one with a bunch of Japanese sites that I cant even read bookmarked...
Nope you're not. I actually ordered that JCRG-2 that they had in the u-box for a while. Yet another guitar I'll send pics off to the register. Do post pics of that RG8520 when you get it in.

(I have to admit, I visit the 'Ish' u-box almost daily)
It's Trans Blue one. It's exactly the same as the one JIM777 showed in the "Show us your j-customs" thread. The JCRG-2 designation eventually turned into the RG9570. (which interestingly enough they have another one of)
A thru-neck? Oh, you bast****.... You definitely have to post pics when you get it....
Good stuff. The RG1302-LBU has a swamp ash body so I say hang onto it. Ibanez still baffles me as to why they use so much mahogony.I'd liek to see alot more swamp ash and alder Ibanez guitars
Very nice collection! the RG8670-TV is by far my favorite. hey if you dont want the fretboard (with the sharkfins you apparently hate) id be happy to buy it off you for a custom project! damn that maple top is thick!
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