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wah pedal and line 6 flextone problems

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ok, i just got a line 6 flextone series 60 watt combo, and i also own a morely bad horsie 2 wah, i used teh wah in front of my amp, and in teh fx loop of my amp, but i still got a problem. The problem is that when i press down on the wah, the distortion of my amp sort of mutes and i didnt ever have this problem with my old ibanez 12 watt combo and it would keep the same distortion but make teh wah fluid and stuff. i own a distortion pedal, a boss mega distortion, and i was thinking maybe if used that pedal in my effects loop and set teh line 6 on clean, i could use teh pedals crunch and maybe teh wah wouldnt mute it, but i havent tried it yet for lack of a battery. so if anyone knwos what im talking about just gimme some advice
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I've got a Flextone II. My advice: don't use the wah pedal in the FX loop, it won't sound good, use it in front of your amp, in fact, the first thing your guitar hits. Then if you want to use the distortion pedal (on whatever setting you want on the Line6) to compensate, use it right after the wah, before the amp. But, before you bother with the distortion pedal, try fiddling with the settings on your amp. Maybe a little more or less drive, definitely more mids (if you've got the mids rolled of completely, there's half your problem for sure).
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Ice said:
sounds like you have a weak batter in the wah.. I've never had that problem. At 1st i came in to the post because I thought you were using the line6 board and there's been issues with the switch goign bad but they mail the part to you for free.
Do they? That's odd, when we openned up my Flextone's floorboard at the guitar shop when I was having trouble with my wah (turned out to be a problem with the cable to the floorboard, not the board itself) I didn't see a switch for the wah. :roll:
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Ice said:
this is exactly what the tech at line 6 said. Lift the wah and look righ tunder neath it you can see the switch. Something happens when you switch the wah on and off that it will switch the patch mode. I've only ever seen it once on a local guys setup and line 6 sent him the parts and I ended up buying his floorboard off him when he bought a MArk Tremoni wah *cringes*
The Mark Tremonti wah is a modification of Vai's "Bad Horsie" wah. It's a decent wah from what I've heard. He used to use the "Bad Horsie" before he got his own custom made.

As for the switch, I've looked, it's flat metal with little rubber feet, I'll double-check, but I'm pretty sure it's flat. I'm guessing that it's if the little ribbon sensor thing (that's what makes the wah work best I can tell) goes past a certain range, it switches it, but that's just my guess as I don't see a switch.
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