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Hi everyone,

I've spent the past few weeks browsing the internet looking for info on different Ibanez models.
The ones that look very promising to me are the Egen and the S5470.

However, there is NOT A SINGLE store in my country that seems to have any of those two models in stock to try them out. :sad:

What they offer, is that I put down a deposit of 15% of the value, and they will take it in stock so I can try the guitar...
We're talking about a 300€ fee to test a guitar.
And if I don't buy the guitar, I will get a 300€ worth coupon to spend in that same store :roll:
There's nothing I can imagine I would want to buy ,after being a musician for 20 years.

So my question is, who knows a store in the BENELUX (or maybe UK and Germany to) that has several Ibanez' in stock to try before I buy.
(Or maybe private people?)

Second hand offers are also welcome.

And yes, I'v tried the official Benelux dealer, but they seem to have no idea where their guitars are located.

Thanks for helping !!!

I hope this message goes to the right spot?!
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