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I am looking for a UV777GR, i do not care what shape it is in. In fact to be honest the worse the better, i want to save money becuase i don't have much to spare...

EMAIL ME AT: [email protected]

I am going to berklee next semester and i need a 7 string guitar, however i can never keep one becuase i prefur maple necks... I guess that UV777 is perfect for me, unless anyone has any other advice? Check out the kind of stuff i play... (www.bobzabek.com) Bob Zabek, michael Hedges, and Stanley jordan have all inspired me to go this directoin, for me the 7 string conquers the depth of micheal hedges, but has the sound of Zabeks electric blues... Check out "walking on water" on zabek's website...

I also am willing to trade a USA Custom RG with a maple neck and finger board for it... (6-string, however)...
hope to hear from someone out there.
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