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So, my other guitar player and I play nothing but Ibanez for our band (3 S series, 2 RGs, 2 Roadstars make up our usual gig arsenal). However, one of his current roommates (he is living in NYC for a few months) is selling off a bunch of stuff he doesnt want to take with him when he moves out/flies out of the country. He pulled out a nearly unused Washburn Dime 333 (green/yellow) from his closet. He wasnt setup well but he offered to sell it for whatever my bandmate offered. Since he wasnt planning on buying a guitar and doesnt have a lot of money, he said all he could offer was $150 and the kid gave it to him. Now, neither of us have ever owned a Washburn, and he would have never seeked out a dime guitar, however now that he has one we figured he might as well mess around with it.

Long story short, besides the stock pups he will be replacing, anyone had any experience with this guitar? Seemed like a steal for $150.

Specs per Washburn: (http://www.guitar.com.au/guitars/electric/washburn/Washburn Dime 333 Electric Guitar.htm)

An alder body and a set mahogany neck combine with a rosewood fretboard and set the stage for the Floyd Rose. The 333 DimeBolt and 333 DimeSlime models come with flamed maple tops.


* Alder Body


* Neck Scale 24.3/4" 628mm
* 22 Frets
* Joined at about the 19th fret
* Neck Material Maple
* Fingerboard radius 15.3/4" 400mm
* Rosewood fingerboard
* ABS 1.5mm ivory binding
* Standard (2.7mm) Fretwire


* Color/clear/buffed gloss finish body
* Color/clear/buffed gloss finish neck


* Chrome T-600S tremolo
* 403H Humb open type (black) Neck Pickup
* 403H Humb open type (black) Bridge Pickup
* 1ply black plastic circle type Jack Plate
* 3 way toggle Switch
* Black speed type control knob
* Chrome Grover (A102-c) Tuning machine
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