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1. What type of music do you like? Be specific about bands or particular guitarists. Dream Theater, Metallica, Protest the Hero, Dire Straits, Weezer, a lot of 90s covers, any kinda darker blues sound.
2. What type of equipment are you going to be playing through? A 10 watt "Rouge" amplifier is never going to sound better, no matter what pickups you put in your guitar......sorry HA 15W Vox Pathfinder, but it does sound good.
3. What are the specifics of your guitar? I find myself having to browse the web all the time to find out the specs of peoples guitars... RG1570... You guys must know about this one. 56mm width neck, 17mm at 1st fret and 19mm at the other spot ibanez always measures. V7 Neck pickup, S1 single coil and Dimarzio Norton bridge.
A. Is it a trem or hardtail? Edge Pro locking trem
B. maple or rosewood board? Rosewood
C. how many frets? 24
D. what controls are on it? Stock 500K pots
E. What type of wood is you body made from? basswood
F. Are your pickups direct mounted, ring mounted or in a pickguard? Directly into wood

So my problem is that the inbetween pickup slots just down kinda cardboardy and hollow in the sucked out mid range. I'm guessing this might be because this is a basswood instrument, but the neck and bridge humbuckers sound great.

So I am wondering if I can wire this like a 2H RG. Has anyone tried this? Are there other single coil replacements that could yield a fuller more interesting tone when used with the humbuckers? I keep the single kinda low to avoid hitting it when I palm mute so that also effects the tone negatively, than when I have it raised, but even then I still don't like it, it sounds hollow and the string snap seems overly accentuated. I really like the way 2 humbuckers sound together in the Charvel Pro Mods and JPMM. Is that one coil from each humbucker in parellel, or is it the entire humbucker in parallel with the other humbucker? I'm not so sure about how the circuits work.
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