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weird looking device, anyone knows what it is?

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hey guys! i went to a local music store, and i saw this device that looks like 'a device to play guitar strings in a piano way' basically it is put somewhere above the strings near the neck pickup, and you can press the pads on the device, and the device will hit the strings wtih little hammer, just like it does in pianos..

im just curious of what this is, and would like to research on them.. but unfortunately i forgot to notice what brand was it so i've been looking around the net with no luck.. :p

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i dont have any.. :p ive been looking for it all over the net and cant find anything.. n i didnt bring any camera when i went to the store.. just an idea, the device looks a little like a lo-pro.. except, instead of a bridge, it is located on top of the string around the neck joint, and has 6 small pads for your fingers to press on.. :p vague description isnt it? :p
nopeee.. i know what an ebow is, i wouldnt ask.. :p this device is more complicated looking.. it has 6 pads for u to press on.. when you press that pad, it works like when you press a key on a piano, the device will hit a string using a little soft hammer..
Can't remember the name of this thing, but it was in Guitar mags, early 90's. Kind of lumpy, huge design with six "keys" to hammer each string. I've got a pic in my head. :)
can you post your head , just like that we will see the picture !
lol !
I think I might know what youre describing... As Euphor stated above, I can remember a gadget that was advertised in the last few pages of Guitar For The Practicing Musician in the late 80's-early 90's. I think it was called a Guitar Harp, but Im not certain on that. It mounted to the bridge and instead of picking the strings, each string had a "lever" that when pressed down would hammer the string like a piano.

If that isnt it, other possibilities would be the Hipshot Trilogy (multiple tuning bridge) http://www.hipshotproducts.com/trilogy.htm

or the Hipshot String Bending System (Did Geiger design this thing??)http://www.hipshotproducts.com/images/palm lever-side.jpg
If memory serves me right, it's called the "Hammer Jammer". I remember seeing it in guitar catalogs & magazines & such... I really wanted one for a while when I first started playing guitar, but only had enough money for either it or an e-bow. So I got the e-bow, and shortly thereafter the Hammer Jammer disappeared from the market never to be seen again.

That's the one!

www.hammerjammer.com is down, maybe the inventor can help you out with details. Ken McCaw is his name.

Buy the gadget and let us hear it's brilliance! :D
I wanted one really bad for tapping out clean, heavy chorus/delay/reverb sounds back in the day. Like everyone else I never got one (as I'm sure Ken realizes) :(

I'd still want one today, perhaps on an acoustic, too.
ahh.. sounds like that's the one.. the hammer jammer.. too bad i still can't find any information on the net.. the website is down :( maybe i'll go back to the music store when i have enough cash, and try it out if they allow me to.. it sounds interesting :D
wow that looks very interesting!!! sure it sounds nice and different, but how are you supposed to get all the nicenesses of speed picking, pinch harmonics, HIGH FRET USAGE!!!!!
something like this obviously isnt for your main guitar, but it would be really useful for thigns requiring a certain kind of tone
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