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I made it to my friend’s store today. I played the Gretsch Super Axe. It was in almost Excellent condition. It would have been excellent, except for one thing. There was not any metal left on the frets. No meat. Not enough to level. Not though to crown. And finally, not enough to grab the frets with a nipper to pull them out.

Yes the price of the guitar was really nice, but It would need a complete refresh before I could even play it. Now normally, I would be up to such a challenge, but not on a vintage guitar. So I had to leave it.

I then looked at a 2007 Gibson SG in Silverburst. It was almost 2K, and was not cosmetically excellent. If he would have had it for around 1200 bucks, I would have took that home. So that was a bust. I can buy a new ones for less than what he would have sold it to me for. However, I did not leave empty handed.

My friend used to be a Mesa Boogie dealer. He was informed that he was no longer a dealer after Gibson acquired Mesa. He had sold out of all of his Mesa combos and heads, but he did have a single, non angled 1x12 cab. He discounted it heavily for me, and I took it home. Now I will have a second speaker for my Mark V 25 head, or can use it as an extension cab on the Mesa Boogie F30 combo. It came with a nice ballistic nylon cover.

Now I just have to clean my music room to make room for it. I wouldn’t have bought it today, but the price was too good to pass up. It has a Celestion V30 in it, so int must have sat in his store for awhile. Mesa now makes their own proprietary speakers.

Mesa was great for so many years. They were the boutique quality amp maker that was not ridiculously boutique priced. It will be interesting to see if Gibson drives them into the ground like that have previously done with most of the brands they have acquired. I hope not.

I will post a pick of my “mini” stack later. Now, It’s nap time.
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