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My daughter hadn’t played much at all since Covid started. I had bought her 2 Strats, one Squier and one Fender MIM. She didn’t touch them. They were left handed. She decided after playing for two years previously on a right handed classical guitar, that she wanted to play lefty. That led us to the two left handed guitars.

After 6 months of trying, she hit the wall and realized that she actually did better playing right handed and having done it longer. She wasn’t happy that she couldn’t play as well left handed. So what did dad do? I let her pick out a Jem Jr, and I paid for it.

It did stay in tune, but the center lock block hole in the nut got stripped, and also one of the pot’s became very hard to turn. And the pickups sounded like crap, so I fixed it and took it down to guitar center and sold it.

Then the question was what to replace it with. She initially took my AZES40 home, but she couldn’t keep it in tune so back it came. I actually gave It to a friend who is an experienced player and she loves it.

A couple of days ago, I set out 6 guitars for her to pick from. A couple of SG’s, a Les Paul, and two AZES31’s. Just for kicks I. let her try my ES335. It was huge to her. She picked the Vermillion Red AZES31. So that is what I sent her home with, in a new and heavily padded, dual zipper gig bag. The body on the AZ is a little smaller than a strat, and subsequently I didn’t have a case to send with her.
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I did a lot of work on it, and it plays exceptionally well after the fret work and set up.
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