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What amp would do fine with JS1000BP

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Hi folks, I have a JS1000BP with paf pro pickup replaced for Paf Joe

My current amp is a Traynor YCV80 tube

But I want something with a smooth, rich sound( singing melodies...buttery). And a crunchy sound for intense rhythms. Richful clean sound (like Midnight by Satch). It should take pedals nicely.

any suggestions?
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Peavey JSX, the man himself uses it! Must be a good starting point. It was designed to work with pedals very well and the clean channel is specially designed to stay clean up to extremely high volumes!!!
I don't know if I want EVERYTHING to be Satriani signature but if its really good I'll check it.
I can understand that, but what better amp to complement your guitar then the one that was designed to be used with it! And if you're worried about sounding like Satriani don't be, you'll will sound like you whatever gear you play through, tone is all in the fingers but a good amp and guitar help it get out!!! ;-)
can you give me some specs about it?

is only the head or there is a tube amp combo?

I know about guitars but about amp :(

Enlighten me
It comes in Head or in 2x12 combo, 120watts, 3-channels you can view all the specs in detail here http://www.peavey.com/products/browse.cfm/action/list/cat/61/begin/1/JSXSeries.cfm
it's won some awards from different magazines etc...
have you tried it? you have a JS guitar? some samples maybe.

I know you could tell me to go and watch G3 live in denver but its different...they were prototypes
I haven't tried one myself Yet. A good friend recently tried one and told me all about it, he loved it, very responsive, couldn't get a bad sound out of it. There's a web cast concert on the peavey website which I believe Satch is playing the stock models. The best advice would be to go try one for yourself and bring your guitar along. Have a look at this if you can http://www.kikkerfest.com/2005-05-01/
are the 212 combo available yet?
I don't know, they're not available in ireland yet that's for sure but we're always 6months behind or so. You could also look for a Carvin Legacy 2x12 combo if a combo is what you're after. plus you could pick one up 2nd hand for a reasonable price
I know could like the amp but at the same time, I have a JS guitar and if I get a JSX amp...I'll never be able to stand out as a unique musician if I carry people's signature guitar and amps....but maybe I'm wrong. Besides us, nobody care about people's gear.
how many people play Les Paul into a marshall??? Gear has nothing to do with your uniqueness, it's purely a tool to allow you to express yourself. If it sounds good to you and it helps you achieve what you want then that's all that matters.
and with an amp like that, will I still have to endure the annoying sound <krrr> when the distortion channel is on?
The JSX has a built in Noise Gate so I'm sure that's gonna help cut down the Buzzz you hear on the distortion channels
thanks a lot for your advice!
no problem, my pleasure, the quest for tone is a life long journey and your tastes will constantly change, it's great fun, and frustrating all at the same time. best of luck!!
Perhaps an early 60s Fender Bassman or Bandmaster?
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