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For starters, there are locking adn non locking trems..Then there are very vintage style and more modern versions of each.

For a large list of trems and bridges, click on this link and oyu can see pics of the different trems that warmoth offers. http://www.warmoth.com/hardware/bridges/bridges.cfm?fuseaction=bridges_wilkinson

Wilkinson/Gotoh makes a plethora of vintage and modern non locking trems.I jsut bought a 6 screw /steel block Wilkinson WVCSBCR trem for a strat I am building. The idea behind it is to look just like a stock Fender trem, produce the same basic tone but work much better.

Gotoh does some things of their own and does alot of work for other companies so many trems out there are actually made by Gotoh to another manufacturers specs.

For locking trems, the big dog is he schaller made original Floyd Rose. As I hear, Fender owns the rights to the FLoyd Rose.Not suer how that all works.But anyway, the original floyd rose is a very good sounding trem that works very well. There are cheaper asian copies out there but htey usually don't sound as good or operate as smoothly as the original floyd.

Other companies like Ibanez and Music Man offer their own locking trems that are made b companies like Gotoh. I believe Gotoh is the company that designed Ibanezes Lo Pro Edge trem. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that Ibanez does not have a division that manufactures hardware.They outsource it all. I had a Music Man Lukather version 1 guitar that had a great feeling Gotoh made locking trem that was much different looking than the Ibanez Edge.

To sum it up, different trems yield varying sound quality and different operating features.There's dozens to choose from. I hope that helps
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