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what do you recomend me to do?

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well i have a seymour duncan JB and a ´59, both have nickel covers, i bought them for my gibson sg but i sold it because i just dont feel the neck comfortable anymore and i dont feel like playing it, i am planning to buy a rg321mhol. do you think i should buy the RG and put the JB and the ´59 on it or should i sell the pickups also, and buy another pickups for that guitar?

here´s the music of my band www.myspace.com/strikedown
what pickups do you guys think could sound better for that music?.
someone told me that i should get a LTD with EMGs, but i prefer an RG with a wizard II neck, what do you think i should do?
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I'd check out the stock pickups on the 2005 RG321 because I think they are pretty good. The stock bridge pickup has pretty good clarity and it gives the guitar a very distinctive tone with the mahogany body. I might consider changing the neck pickup, though. Since you had a Gibson then I'm guessing that your pickups are normal spaced and you "should" put F-spaced pickups in Fender-esque guitars like Ibanez so that the strings line up with the pole pieces. That being the case, I would go ahead and sell the gibson as is and get as much as you can for it (which should be MORE THAN ENOUGH to buy a brand new RG321 and maybe even a new set of pickups).
hey thanx for your opinion, and yes i think i will sell the pickups also, save money and buy the rg321 and maybe a new set of pickups , well thanx dude.
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