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What finish is this?

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Not my pictures. lol. Its an Ibanez S470 but what kind? I know its some kind of textured thing.

is it like this:
is it that light?

Thanks to whoever can help!
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your 2 google images don't work because you're linking to you own mailbox or something.

upload them to www.imageshack.us
Could be either the new Blue Moon Burst like on the 470DXQM or maybe a Bright Blue like on the RGT42 but without the FM

Edit : Since you said its a 470 its most likely the BMB, mine has the same finish and its pretty dark
Hmm did they make S's in JB?
I know the one I'm getting has a ZR which means its '03 or after. It also has the squiggly line(lol i know thats not what they are called) inlays. Think its this one:

(off of rich's site)
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It may very well be, if it is the same one then that lighting is really bright

It's most likely a Blue Moon Burst but I may be wrong
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