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what guage of speaker wire do you use from head to cab?

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Behringer recomends minimum of 10 guage. Thats a prety big cable. Is it overkill? What are you guys using?
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I run 14 gauge on mine. It's plenty for a 120 watt tube head. In fact, you will be safe using 14 gauge for short runs with a 1000 watt power amp bridged at 4 ohms.
okay so 16 guage for 5 feet of cable running 200watts solid state into 4 ohms should be alright then....
Should be OK, but I like to use 14 ga. for any amp over 100 watts. Just don't crank it to 10 for hours at a time and you should be fine.
Okay, I saw some 12 for sale. Maybe that would be a better option.
i use 14 and 16 there both enough its only 120 watts
10 gauge is rediculous. You will be able to get away with 16 or 18 gauge and maybe even 20 and it will not fall below 8 ohms impedance over a foot or two (which means you will not lose anything - you do not gain anything by having lower impedance in the wire than the amp is outputting).
Okay thats great. I'll stick with the 16. I'm sure it will be fine.
Rotti - trust me unless you are running 2 ohms, over 2 feet 16 gauge wire wont be an issue as long as the build quality is acceptable.

Those into home audio will know that they have speaker wires that cost $1000 a foot - and they aren't any improvement over standard cheap 12 gauge copper wire. Put it this way, machines cannot tell the difference, which are way more accurate than your ears or even your dogs ears. The main advantages of fatter wire is that they withstand more abuse - so if you are like me taking your head off your cabinet and forgetting to unplug it from the cabinet all the time...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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