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1st guitar: a customized cheap guitar :p
where: bought in my home country, indonesia
when: nearly 5 years ago
why: i just started learning guitar, so i got one of the cheapest out there :p
how: i needed a guitar for a gig at school. since it looked ugly, i customized it, changed the hardwares n stuff

2nd guitar: jem 7 dbk
where: bought from somebody in the states
when: last christmas
why: it was the cheapest jem i could find :p
how: it's supposed to be my birthday present, but i had to look around for a cheap jem and i only purchased it before christmas

3rd guitar: a yamaha classical
where: again in indonesia
when: about 6 years ago
why: my dad didn't play that much anymore, and he didn't wanna spend more money getting me a new guitar :p
how: my dad just gave it to me after seeing my interest in guitar

next guitar: not sure, probably a customized one..

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1st Guitar: Oscar Schmidt Student Sized Acoustic
Where: Don't remember :lol:
When: I was 8, so...1992-ish?
Why: Wanted to learn guitar
How: Parents bought it for me

2nd Guitar: '97 Squier Affinity Strat (before they started thinning the body and shortening the scale)
Where: Don't know
When: Christmas 1997
Why: Actually wanted to learn guitar :lol:
How: Christmas present from parents as part of "Strat Pack" with amp, gigbag, picks, strings, strap, etc. Since been modified with a DiMarzio Super Distortion in the bridge spot that I got for free from a friend of my Dad, and graphtech string trees.

3rd Guitar: Schecter Revenger-7
Where: John Bellones Music, London, Ontario
When: Christmas 2002?
Why: Really wanted a 7-string
How: Christmas present again from my parents

1st Bass: Fender Jazz Bass V
Where: John Bellones Music, London, Ontario (I'm guessing)
When: Christmas 2003
Why: Wanted a bass, mainly for recording, but also just for playing.
How: Christmas present, this time a surprise :lol:

I swear, next guitar I'm buying for myself lol My parents aren't rich or anything, they just really like to support me and my brother in anything we want to do with our lives. I felt bad by the time I got the bass because I knew we couldn't really afford it. But 2 seconds of playing it and I got over it :lol: But I pay for everything else (cables, strings, accessories, amp, floorboard, etc.).

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first axe: greeta stratocaster copy
where: local music shop
when: 2000
why: wanted to play the guitar
how: mom bought it for me
the guitar is now sold, let it go to get the second one. I regret it somehow, especially since my mom bought it. It was a bit like a gift. I'd buy it back from the guy if I could.

second axe: edr470
where: local music shop
when: 2001?
why: wanted a better guitar
how: bought with the money I got when I had the other one sold, and with my mother's help
I like this guitar alot! It really feels like home.

third axe: rg2027x
where: from ebay germany
when: 2003
why: wanted a seven string

next axe: ? something with six strings, alder body, maple board, 22 frets, prolly no floyd, and most important, something I actually play before buying. The guitars I have are cool, but they lack this "love at first sight" thing if you see what I mean.

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might not be in chronological order.. but this is what i've run through


1st: yamaha rgx421d
i really don't remember anything about it.. sold it

2nd: gibson '76 explorer
when: 8 years ago
where: place in ohio
how: saved cash and had help from parents (i was 13 or something)
i still have it.. though it looks nothing the same as it did

3rd: epiphone Les Paul Slash Signature
birthday gift. about 6 years ago ... sold it

4th: epiphone BB King Lucille
don't remember. sold it

5th: Fender American Telecaster
saved cash.. bought about 5 years ago. sold it

6th: yamaha 12 string acoustic (APX412 or something)
spontaneous buy.. i never played it.. sold it

7th: ESP LTD C305..
bought it to learn bass. now only use it for recording.

8th: Ibanez S-7420FM
graduation present 2001

9th: ibanez RG3120DR
bought 2 years ago. spontaneous buy.. turned out good.. sweet guitar. though it needs new trem posts.

10th: Ibanez J-Custom RG8527VV
bought last summer. saw the guitar on Ibanezregister.com.. had to have it. foudn ishibashi music.. and ordered one.. sweeeeet guitar

11th: Harmony Something from the 60's..

12th: Alvarez Yairi Masterworks from 70's.. don't know model


might be more i've gone through.. dont' really remember..

next i want maybe another j custom or universe or something.. i love the 7 strings

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I can even remember the years:

1990: First guitar - Late '80s Bright Red Kramer strat body with "EMG Select" humbucker. Horrid guitar. :oops: $200 brand new. Sold it as soon as I could afford my next guitar.

1991: '91 Pearl White Charvel 375 Deluxe - good guitar and a huge upgrade from the Kramer. Very hot bridge J90C pickup and Floyd. Traded it after about 2 years towards an amp.

1991: Mid '80s Black Gibson Flying V - Ebony fretboard, replaced original pups with open coil 500T @ bridge and covered silver PAF @ neck. Killer axe, although I sold it during my full shred phase since it had a fairly thick neck. I regret it now, it was an awesome tone machine and played great too, although not a shredder.

1993: '91 Black Charvel 475 Deluxe - This guitar was a casualty of the Grunge Revolution (ewww) that made guitars of this type very unpopular and also very cheap. Oh well, better for me to buy it at only $425 when it retailed for $1100 and sold for at least $800+ only 2 years before!! Totally sick shred machine, love it, still have it. With the active boost only midway the treble response is very strong and the bridge pickup shrieks during fast playing/sweeps. :D Basically a bolt on Jackson Pro.

1993: '90s(?) Westone X750 4-string bass. Great bass with graphite neck and so-so pups. Does fine for recording, which is all I use it for. I guess I do need to upgrade the pups, I just haven't gotten around to it in 11 years. :p The pups are pretty decent actually, oh well.

1994: '94 Black Gibson '76 Explorer Reissue - Got this one on a trade. Dirty Finger pups. I didn't like the smaller vintage frets and traded it after about a year.

1995: '95 Carvin DC127T ---All Koa, neck thru H-H, Wilkinson trem, still my favorite. Beautiful and toneful, also plenty of shred if you want it.

1996: '91 Ibanez UV7BK----Awesome guitar, also a victim of the alternative years, picked it up for $600. I labored for many hours to get this guitar setup the way I like it, but it's a total killer now.

1998-2002: The Dark Ages of guitar for me. Although I still played and did home recording, I kind of took a break from serious jamming, partially in disgust at all the garbage alternative and rap metal infesting the music world and devoted all my money to fast cars, my OTHER addictive/expensive habit. Still into cars bigtime.

2003: '03 Carvin C780 Acoustic/Electric - My first good acoustic, amazing/beautiful and quite fast. Inspired me to tackle some Al di Meola songs. A $600 guitar that hangs with $1000+ models from other manufactuers, NICE. (I don't count the basically toy Global acoustic my parents bought for me when I was about 6 years old, so this is my first real acoustic)

2004: '04 Fender Telecaster - Twang King. In my hands, a mutated shred twang king though. First maple fretboard ever for me, I love this thing. Another guitar that shrieks on the high notes, the shrieks can be painful to the ears at times, but a good type of pain. :twisted:

To be continued........when I either save some more money or just say to hell with it and buy something anyway..............

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* Washburn N3: Bought: 5 weeks ago from USA (in use)
* Custom PRS Replica/JEM Hybrid: Still being built!!!!!
* RG550 w/maple neck: bought 7 months ago from USA, sold in Ireland 5 weeks ago
* S470: Bought 9 months ago from USA, sold in Ireland 4 months ago
* JS-100tr: Bought Sept. 2003 in UK (in use)
* Kramer Imperial Dimaond PLate Explorer: Bought 12 months ago in USA, sold in Ireland 10 months ago
* Epiphone Les Paul Quilt Top Custom: Bought August 2002 (still in use)
* Samick Acoustic: bought 1991 (retired)
* TCS Semi-Acoustic: bought 3 months ago (in use)
* Yamaha RGX-121fp: Bought 1991 (retired)

That covers guitars - now Amps & other "toys"

* Marshall 350DFX Amp: Bought in Ireland Sept 2002 (in use)
* Korg G3 Processor: Bought in 1991 (in use)
* Morely Bad Horsie: Bought sept 2002 (in use)
* Boss ME-30: Bought Sept 2002 (in use)
* Marshall 9002 Preamp: bought 1991 (in use)
* MXR 3 Band EQ: Bought 1991 (still in use)

As for pickups - may as well list them with the guitars:

* Epi Les Paul: EMG Zakk Wylde 81/85 Set
* Ibanez RG550: DiMarzio Steve Special, DiMarzio PAF Pro, IBZ S-1
* JS100tr: DiMarzioPAF Pro, F.R.E.D.
* Yamaha RGX121fp: DiMarzio Evo neck, DiMarzio Evo Br, DiMarzio Blue Velvet s/c
* Ibanez S470: DiMarzio Evo neck, DiMarzio Evo Br, DiMarzio Blue Velvet s/c
* Custom PRS Replica: DiMarzio An/Tz combo
* Washburn N3: Seymour Duncan '59 (Neck), Seymour Duncan Dimebucker (bridge)
* TCS Semi Acoustic: Fishman Piezo
* Kramer Imperial: EMG 81/81 set

As for strings & things:

* Acoustic: Elixer
* Electric: Ernie Ball/DR/Elixer/Dean Markley
* DiMarzio clip-lok straps

& I'm done............. LOL :lol: :D :lol:

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Hammer Slammer Strat copy
First guitar, got a marshall bass amp combo with it lol
piece of ****, dad sold it when the nut shattered to pieces..

Squier affinity strat
Xmas present with a Fender Frontman 25r series 1, much cooler than the new ones
Sold it to a dude for 45 bucks as soon as i got a better guitar

Squier 82' MIJ Strat with lockin nut and floyd style fulcrum trem...
saved up money for this one and bought it...liked it, didnt like it, and now i love it...weird?

Gibson les paul JR Special plus
Beautiful guitar, wanted something with humbuckers, dont really love it now but im giving it a chance witha pickup swap

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I'd need to go back through my lists, but there've been over (300) in the last 13 years. The bulk have been Ibanez, Gibson, Fender and PRS but there've been Hamers, Gretsch, Epiphone, Jackson, Lowden, Lakewood, Guild, Takamine, Rick Turner, Renaissance, Fernandes, Tacoma, Martin and probably a few others as well.

Ugh...makes my head hurt just thinking about it! Almost seems like a disease or something ;)

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No tgoing to list all the guitars i´ve had (it´s long :oops: ). At the moment a Jem 10th, an AT100 and a PRS McCarty 10top.
The next one is going top be among a Martin d28, a Tyler classic SSH or an AT300.

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1st: Westfield Strat Copy
Where: Closest music shop
Why: I wanted to play
How: Christmas present.

2nd: Epiphone SG
Where: Mail Order
Why: My first guitar fell apart!
How: Present, Later sold to get another guitar.

3rd: Ibanez RG550
Where: A music shop just more than 30 minutes away
Why: It was in sale and I wanted a floyd.
How: Through saving!

4th: Kramer Pacer Specail
Where: Ebay
Why I tried one and loved the thick neck!
How: Sold Epiphone to afford it. Later changed the strat bridge to a floyd rose.

NEXT: Hopefully a Carvin Holdsworth, custom shop.


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Squier Strat
where - ??? Dunno
when - 96 or 97 I think
why - Wanted to strat playing guitar
how - Gift off my dad
Really terrible guitar imo. It was ok to learn on I suppose, and it did give me i nice ability to be able to play the high fret really easily on most guitars with huge neck joints :lol:

Ibanez RG470(MiJ)
where - Fair Deal Music (Birmingham, UK)
when - 2002
why - Needed something better to play, for both feel and sound
how - Student Loan!!! 8) :lol:
I just really went into the shop and had a go on a few guitars and settled on this one, mainly because it had an ok distorted sound and a much nicer clean sound than the others ones there. The pickups have a bit of a harsh edge to them that, when combined with position 2 or 4 and the volume rolled off a bit, gives me one of the nicest clean sounds I have found on a guitar. a nice responsive top end with an acoustic is sound overall.
I could really do changing some of the electronics on it now though, and blocking the trem perhaps.

Peavey Wolfgang QT Special
where - Sound Control (Birmingham, UK)
when - 2003
why - Was looking for another guitar and tried one at a guitar show and loved it
how - Student Loan Again!!!
When i tried one I really fell in love with everything about the guitar. At first I was just looking for a backup to the Ibanez, but playing this has pretty much retired the RG. The more I play it, the more I apreciate how damn good it feels and sounds, especially for the cost. The only thing i would change would be to add some more top end definition to the neck pickup, because it gets too thick and un-defined through my Cornford MK50.

Ibanez RG7321
where - Fair Deal Music
when - 2004
why - I wanted a cheap fixed bridge 7 string. Had a go on a few and this came out on top
how - Yet another Student Loan!!!
I had a go on a Jackson 7, a couple of schecters and the Ibanez. I generally prefered the feel of the Ibanez over the others, even though i prefer thicker necks than Ibanez's usually have I really find this one quite good. It sounded better than the Schecters, but there wasn't much in it.
I want to change the pickups and replace the bridge saddles(Still haven't got round to that) as it eats strings a bit too much. I use 11s in standard tuning and its ok at the moment though.

next guitar - There won't be a new one for quite a while now I think. I have toying with a few ideas for when I do get a new one. These inclued an MIA Peavey Wolfgang, a Jem 7vwh to replace the RG or a custom 7 string based on a modified wolfgang type guitar, I described my ideas for it in another thread.

Other than guitars I am VERY happy with my amp setup:

Cornford MK50 -> Cornford 4x12 (V30's)

It sounds AWESOME! I am more in love with it every time I play through it. 8)
I am slowly replacing all of my cables with good ones and I plan to get a descent wireless unit soonish, but other than that I have no more gear plans for a while. It's about time I got driving lessons I suppose.

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steve vai 777 said:
just wonderin whot guitars you dudes have got here is pics of mine http://photobucket.com/albums/v355/?action=view&current=vaiconcert061.jpg

les paul std ltd edition sweet 8)
First guitar: Phil pro
Where:Cant rember
When 4 yheres ago so hmm 2000 it was hard to guess:D

Secound guitar: 50 strat made in mexico nice guitar:D
Where KE-musik Denmark - Aarhus:D
When: 2004

Guitar wanted: A ibanez Guitar RG370BMW, its really cool!
When: I hope next year
Where: Ke-musik lol :!: :D :) :D :eek:

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first: some black strat-style samick cheapie... modded with a floating trem. traded a year or two later on a...

second: Ibanez RG770... pretty, but the ultra-thin neck drove me up the wall by not staying in tune. sold to make way for...

third: UV777BK.... simply brilliant. great sound, easy to set up, very (and probably most) consistent. a keeper.

<from here on I'm not too sure of the order they were bought/sold in>

fourth: Jem 90HAM... nice tone, very bright. the rough finish kept irritating my forearm though. played it less and less. sold eventually...

fifth: Jem 10th.... bought on Ebay for low USD$2k. This is most certainly the 'mecca' Jem - everyone should have one at some point. When I opened the case.. "WOW!!!!!". Still got it, not lettin it go.

sixth: Jem 77GMC (green swirl)... saw this one in a shop before I knew what they were (and what they were worth), passed on it. it reappeared in the classifieds a few months later for even less. snapped it up quick smart (the owner wanted to make sure it was going to someone that would appreciate it). nearly sold it, but came to my senses, still got it. no plans to sell.

seventh: Ibanez JX70 acoustic/electric... about time I had a half decent acoustic. pretty in green transparent.

eighth: JS1000BP.... big Joe fan. it was only a matter of time. nice tone, nice feel, very versatile tonally. surprised they're not more popular... still got it.

nothing's really taken my fancy since.... would love an FP, but they are ridiculously expensive in Australia now, simply not worth it for a guitar that's not really any different than it was when released.

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Other than a Jem 10th anniversary which I may never be able to afford, my next guitar will be an acoustic.... J200, F50,Goodall...

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Ah yes, I forgot to mention my future guitar(s) (you can never have just one lol):

Either a replacement for my Schecter Revenger-7 (RG-7421XL or Schecter Blackjack C-7) or some modifications on it.

A 12-string Acoustic-electric. (maybe a 6-string as well)

Another 6-string (Ibanez RG-321MH with new pickups maybe)
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