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First of all... Patrick Deno - Props to youse... Sweet guitar! I might just need to have one done like that! Great work as usual LGM!

Next Guitar - An acoustic - maybe a Taylor, or possibly a Martin. Still test driving...

Where are my Jem7VWH, Strat, Epiphone Sheraton II, and Alverez classical? - in my bedroom thats where.

The Baby Taylor is in the living room.

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Well at first borrowed a CAR Aria Pro II with Kahler
and then I rented a strat copy with the brand name "Elvis".

1. Fender Stratocaster MIJ (87´ or 88´ Model, Black with maple. My first purchase. Later I swapped the neck with a Rosewood MIM and upgraded with awesome Lundgrens pups.) s
2. Fender Stratocaster American Standard (91´ Model, Pewter with maple) s
3. Fender Stratocaster USA (78´ Model, Transparent Blonde with maple) s
4. Kramer HST300 Korea (80´s Model, Shocking Pink, Rosewood)
Later, Ibanez RG??? White Basswood body replaced the Shocking pink Kramer
plywood body. Thus a Ibanez with Kramer neck. s
5. Ibanez PGM30WH (02´White, Rosewood) s
6. Custom made, Jason Becker Tribute (05´, Alder, maple)
The most awesome guitar I have ever laid my hands on.
7. Home made "Golden V" body with Johnson maple neck, my first
attempt in learnig a bit about the process of building guitars.

s= sold

New Custom project and High End PGM...

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First: Ibanez Roadstar II 440
Where: Hong Kong (Either Tom Lee or the one in the Ocean Terminal)
When: 85 or 86, can't remember
Why: I wanted the chicks, and they only dug guitar players. I played drums back then

Sold it to my guitar player bandmate

Next: Copy of a Fender P/J Bass
Where: Philippines
When: 87 I guess
Why: I was asked to switch to bass on our band so we could merge with another band that had tons of equipment
Sold it to a music studio after replacing the stock pups with Dimarzio P/J.

Current: Ibanez RG570EX
Where: Netherlands
When: 2002
Why: Trying to recapture my youth, missed playing
Now with Super D, JBJr, and PAFPRO and Cliplock

Next: Les Paul or Copy

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the next guitar im getting is a carvin bolt guitar, the necks are the greatest thing to happen to wood, its better then the wizard neck. thats right. say what you want

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First: Squier Hank Marvin sig strat, handmade in Japan by Fender Japan, one of 1500 made, modified.
Where: Local music shop.
When: Probably bought in about 97-98. I have read that the guitar was made in the mid eighties, but also that it was made in the early nineties. I started playing in 2001.
Why: My Dad bought it. He's a drummer, but played it and just knew it was too good not to buy.

Next: Ibanez Jem7vwh.
Where: Rich at Ibanez Rules.
When: I paid about a week ago.
Why: I wanted another guitar, but not another strat. I wanted 3 pickups, a locking trem and 24 frets. Played a few 77fps and a few 7vwhs, realised this was the one for me.

Next I gotta get a new amp. Then I'll worry about guitars.

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First guitar: Epiphone acoustic. Still got it, never play it, let's move on.

Second guitar: Fender Mexican Strat. I still treasure this as my first electric guitar, and it plays like a dream.

Third guitar: Ibanez RGT3120. Beautiful guitar. My first 'pro' axe and my main stage guitar.

Fourth guitar: Ibanez RG7321. Kinda plain guitar, but I bought it just for those 7 string moments, and it fits the bill perfectly.

Next guitar: Ibanez JEM7VWH. Can't wait for this, it just sounds so amazing, especially when coupled with the amp I'm planning on getting soon - Mesa F50.

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Epiphone acoustic, not sure of the model but the action was like 4 inches off the fretboard.
where - my father bought it for me at a local tag sale
when - 1989
why - so I'd stop playing with his guitars

G&L S-500
where - some store in Buffalo, NY
when - 1993
why - Needed a decent electric.

Gibson Les Paul Classic
Where - Danby, VT
When - 1995
Why - Loved the way Les Pauls sounded and wanted one.

Gibson LG-3 (late 40s or early 50s acoustic!)
Where - Some woman in Bennington, VT put an ad in the paper
When - 1998 or 1999
Why - my father got sick of me always playing his acoustics so he bought me one

Where - Guitar Center, Albany, NY
When - 11/03
Why - Do I really need to explain?

My next guitar will be either Evo or Van Halen's Frankenstrat :p

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this is a fun thread, if only because it made me think hard to remember...

1st: maton strat
1988. somewhere in wagga (middle of nowhere), nsw.
was a gift for my 16th birthday.

2nd: yamaha fg acoustic-electric (sold)
1989? brash's, sydney.
another birthday gift (from memory). sold it to a church.

3rd: canora strat (sold)
1990? from some guy in my boarding school.
sold it to a younger kid at school. the start of my guitar pimping days!

4th: torch tele (sold)
1991. traded a boss chorus pedal to a mate to get this. beat the stink out of it. sold recently.

5th: kramer-ish single humbucker shred thingy. (gave it away!)
1992? some music store in rockdale, sydney. just because it was cheap. refinished it candy apple red. gave it away to a girlfriend's little brother. what a putz!

6th: fender strat (sold)
1994. venue music, sydney.
was a jap model with a floyd rose. very sweet. sold to a church.

7th: fender tele (sold)
2000. guitar factory, sydney.
sold recently.

8th: yamaha apx7a
2001. venue music, sydney.
pretty sweet for recording.

9th: ibanez rgt42fmdr
2003. allan's music, sydney.
gift from my wife for my 30th.

10th: fender strat
2004. allan's music, sydney.
you gotta have a strat, right?

11th: epi les paul custom (sold)
2004. murch music, ontario.
i just thought i needed it. i was wrong. sold recently.

12th: ibanez jem7vwh
2005. cheers rich!
bought this when some shares did well.

13th: ibanez rg550bk
2005. a jemsiter from alabama.
nearly the cheapest guitar i've bought and nearly the best!

14th: ibanez rg320fmtl (sold)
2005. steve's music, toronto.
bought for a project and changed my mind. is unplayed. for sale people!

15th: yamaha rbx360
2005. a total bargain off the 'bay.
being refinished with tung oil right now.

16th: ibanez rg1570mrb (sold)
2005. eric's guitars.
just because i knew i'd love the 5 piece neck.

next? i think i'd like an older jem. one i'm not afraid of showing it who's boss. chances are it'll be another rg5xx, though.

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00 - A cheap classical guitar - 1987
01 - Fender Strat Japan 1990 (modified with a DiMarzio Evolution)
02 - Ibanez (it was in 92 and I don't remember witch on it was...) - sold
03 - Ibanez RBM10 - 1995
04 - Fender Strat Floyd Rose USA - 1997 - sold
05 - Fender Telecaster Set Neck Custom Shop(1991) - 1999
06 - Ibanez (Homemade Custom: old RG body with a JEM77PMC neck) - 1999
07 - Custom made Strat - 2002
08 - Takamine (Don't know witch one...) - 2002
09 - Ibanez JEM777DY(1991) - 2002
10 - Yamaha classical guitar (cheap model) - 2003
11 - Ibanez JEM77BFP(1992) - 2005

Next one: Maybe another JEM...

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01 - Lefty strat copy (1993).
02 - Lefty Jem Jr. (555) (1995).
03 - Lefty Yamaha C40 classical guitar (1996).
04 - Lefty EB/MM Replica (2004).
05 - Lefty RG 1077 XL (2004).
06 - Lefty UV77MC (2005 ?).



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This'll be quite a list =p

First guitar... Ibanez RG***ex. Black, HSS, Floyd Copy, Duncan bridge. Rockin guitar for $200 something. Bought it at "The Rock Shop" in Springfield, IL. Neck split on it, so I had to stop playing it. Its currently chillin at a buddy of mine's house in Missouri. He swears he's gonna fix it someday. Right now he's got another Ibanez neck on it, but it doesn't have any locknuts, so its fairly useless. I should try to get it back from him and fix it up... He never plays it anyway.

2. Ibanez RG520. Bought it in the same place, replaced the pickups with Dimarzio Tonezone/PAF Pro. Been jammin on it for 10 years or so. No plans to get rid of it. Sounds awesome, and has the best bridge of the bunch. Its beat to **** and I love it.

3. Taylor 300 series acoustic. Bought it at some other crappy shop in Springfield, played it, got bored with it, traded it for...

4. Washburn Dime333. Some shop in Effingham. Not sure what I was smoking exactly, but I knew I was completely over my Taylor and wanted to rock. In hindsite it wasn't the best decision I ever made, but hey, you only live once. Sold it to fund a car.

5. Gibson Flying V. EMG 81/85. Maken Music in Chicago. (badass shop!)Jammed on this for a long time. Sold it to fund the same car. To this day I still regret having to do that, but there really wasn't any choice. What really sucks is I don't have the car either. Ex heisted it when we broke up 5 or 6 years back. =(

6. Gibson SG Standard. Guitar Center in Knoxville. Wanted a classic instrument to replace the V of yore. Got bored with it real quick, and honestly it was fairly uncomfortable. I'm not a big guy, so I felt like I was a little kid playing Dad's guitar with it. Sounded great tho. Sold it to my boss to fund my Peavey XXX. Haven't regretted it once. I prefer trem guitars.

7. Ibanez RGT42BP. ****. Pretty bitchin guitar, but I hated the bridge and the pickups sucked. Traded it and some cash for...

8. Ibanez Jem7vwh ! Guitar Center Atlanta. Obviously this guitar requires no introduction, and is going nowhere. I absolutely love it.

9. Breedlove AC12345Cheap. Some craptacular shop here in Chattanooga. I'm not sure the model number of it honestly. It was $400 and is ok. I wanted an acoustic guitar to dick around with. It sits in my living room and is largely unplayed.

10. Ibanez RG2550EGK Just got it. Sweetwater Sound. Ordered a Fernandes sustainer and a Dimarzio fred for it, and the sustainer wouldn't fit anywhere. Returned the Sustainer and ordered a Sustainiac Stealth Plus, and it hasn't arrived yet. Plays great, and I can't wait to hear what it sounds like when it's done. Hope to have it done next week!!!

Next guitar? Eeek the woman would crucify me for even thinking about it too hard.... probably a strat of some sort. I'm really content with my rig at this point. I can't really think of any reason to buy another guitar, as I can get every sound I could possibly want with the 3 electrics I have.

I've also got a no name classical acoustic that someone left at my house a few years ago. I haven't touched it in ages, really don't care for it... But i've got it no less.

Damn, I had no idea i've had so many guitars lol.

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Ibanez RG421 - Royal Blue
Ibanez RG760 - 1992, Jewel Blue
Custom "Parts" Strat - for slide work and stuff

Next......Ibanez PGM301 will be on the way soon

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1. unknown classical
2. "Stafford" electric (cheap)
3. Hondo II Les Paul
4. Fender Stratocaster (1979 model)
5. Ripley stereo electric
6. 77 Gibson Flying V (sold)
7. Ibanez UV777GR (traded)
8. Warmoth scalloped Strat
9. Gibson Les Paul Standard (sold)
10. Ibanez RG 550 (1991 model)
11. Ibanez RG 550 (1991 model)
12. Ibanez UV777BK (from GR trade)
13. Ibanez RG 550 (2002, returned)
14. Ibanez RG 7421 (sold)
15. Ibanez RG 550 (1989 model)
16. Ibanez RG 7620 (sold)
17. Ibanez RG 1527 (returned)
18. Ibanez RG 550 (1991[?] model )

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Ibanez RG2027XVV-Beacuse they're awesome,rare and it was cheap.
Ibanez LACS Dino- Well,because it's the coolest guitar that Ibanez never made.
Ibanez IC300 (with Sperzels and EMG's fitted)- This guitar is sentimental as my Mother bought it for me. It kicks-ass with the EMG's too!

Gibson SG '02 model- It's a classic!
1979 Gibson Flying V (Artic-White)-The tone on this guitar is phenomenal! It's one of the best sounding guitars i've ever played and also seems to be increasing in value at an alarming rate.

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97 Simon & Patrick Pro flame maple acoustic. Used in 97. Pride of the fleet. S&P finally came to their senses last year and bumped them up to the $1200 mark.

94 MIJ Tele Custom reissue. Only stock item in the signal chain is the neck bucker. Texas special bridge, cts pots/orange drops, Switchcraft SG/Firebird toggle. Brass compendsated saddles. Bought used in 98.

82 Ibanez Artist AR105 Used in 99. Killer axe.

05 Art & Lutherie cedar 12. New in 05. Wanted a 12.

04 PRS SE Soapbar singlecut. Used in 05 (auction site) for $320. I looked on HC reviews and I guess I got the best deal in the world hehe. Always wanted a cherry LP special singlecut with P90's, or an SG, and this one feels like an SG with a LP-ish look. great guitar.

06 Custom Strat....built from parts by me. Wanted a alder bodied strat with vintage appointments, figured birdseye neck with an ebony board, abalone dots and real Jumbo frets. Didn't want to wait 6+ months, or spend the $3000+ for a fender custom shop strat, so I built my own for about $450.

Here's my next build. Parts are all in the mail as we speak.

Jackson DK2 style bolt on with SSH configuration with full size hotrail in bridge, single sized hotrail in neck, and a single coil middle. Natural finish. AAA flame top and headstock overlay. Bound dark rosewood fb with bluish pearl sharktooth inlays. Non-reverse headstock.

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1st- Yamaha Pacifica Tele
my dad gave it to me to play around on till he had enough money for an actual good guitar hah, it was 4 years ago ;)

2nd- Fender American Deluxe
got it at morningstar music for my 15th birthday so 2 years ago. I loved SRV more than anything at the time so I like needed a fender ;)

3rd- Ibanez Rg2570
Got it last year as a Bday/Christmas present since If I would have gotten a Birthday present that year I probably couldn't have bought the guitar and a Boss Gt-Pro. I bought it from Rich and I have to say I want to buy from him for every future Ibanez. I got it because I was just out of my Straight Blues days and I wanted to be able to play other things such as Vai or Satch and not have to retune everytime I touched my tremolo. Also the 24 frets was a sweet bonus ;)

Next- ESP Edwards Kiko Signature
Jackson Dinky Eerie Dess Swirl with OFR upgrade
I really Love the Edwards Kiko Loureo signature guitar and I've always wanted to try 27 frets, and 12-27 are scalloped so that is a cool little feature ;) . Also I've always wanted an OFR on a guitar so...

About the Jackson, I love the color and I've always wanted a Jackson (or ESP as you can tell from the Kiko sig)

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Fender MIM deluxe fat strat with FR trem. Br p/u SD JB, Tex Mex in N & M
Fender MIM upgrade strat with 3 x SD Hot Rails
Fender MIM "Waynes World" strat Br SD JB jr, M SD Duckbucker, N SD Lil' 59
Squier MIJ Strat (lefty)
Gibson Explorer (1981) EMG 85 & 81
Gibson SG Standard Br SD Duncan Custom
Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Fernandes Les Paul Jr (early 80's)
Samick Mini Les Paul (like EVH "Little Guitars" guitar)
Cole Clark FL2 12 string accoustic
Cole Clark FL1 6 string accoustic
Vintage fretless Jazz bass (Fender copy)
Epiphone Non-Reverse body Thunderbird 5 string bass
Marshall LM6100 head through a Jackson Quad box
Jim Dunlop Crybaby Wah wah
I don't really use any other effects but occasionally pull out a Boss Super Chorus and a Boss ME50.

What I miss (or shouldn't have sold or broken)
Gibson Les Paul Standard (1973) Sunburst w/ EMG's (81's I think)
Ibanez Les Paul Law suit from mid 70's w/ Super 70's p/u
Ibanez Flying V Law suit (Korina, glued neck.. the works) again mid 70's with Super 70's
Marshall JCM 800 (mid 80's 100w)
My Old Cry Baby (stolen)

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First one I got was an Aria Pro II back in like '86 or '87.

My parents got it for me for Xmas one year.

The first guitar I ever bought myself was in '88 and I still have it: Charvel model 4. I paid around $700 brand new. It took FOREVER to save up to get it at that age and those wages! :lol:

Not sure what is next?

I know I'll get another Gibson Explorer this year but I don't know what Ibanez or other guitar my come my way this year?
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