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in my jem i want to get a more powerful single coil tone in neck that the EVO DP158 i had didnt deliver. Its was little weak. I have tried many humbuckers and they was to bright, trebly and dindt make that malmsteen twang sound. I love the Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder SSL-4 that is twice the power of a single coil (approx 300mv) and makes 13,3khz. treble 4, mid 5, bass 6 are the specs i think.

So guys, do anyone have experience with the SSL4 and have some Dimarzio recomendations for me..

If i can get the sound when i use the whole humbucker will do too for me. I havent tried John Petruccis liquifire though. The thing is that Evo dp158 in split gives 160mv and its almost half the power of the SSL4. In full humbucker it doesnt deliver the sound.

I have tried;
Tone Zone reversed (close/bright)
Evo dp158 (weak,)
Evo Dp159 (sharp)
D Activator Neck (dark)
D Activator X (to powerful, trebly)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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