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Here's a bizarre one from the depths of my warped mind.
Really loving my new 1570, so this affects my choice.

1570 neck with maple fretboard instead of rosewood.
Body design of early 550 including slightly shallower cutaway near lower side of the neck (small hands), but with the AANJ neck mount.
Edge Tremolo.
Evo 2 pups.
Black body with fluorescent green Jolly Roger with crossed cutlass back and front. Also mother of pearl Jolly Roger inlay on harmonic points.

I know, totally random, but that would really float my boat.



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Well, this is always fun to contemplate:

- RGD body
- Matte white finish
- Tight End bridge
- Dimarzio Crunch Lab and Liquifire pickups, direct mounted (ie. no rings).
- Basswood body
- Single volume knob
- 5 way pickup switching (neck, inside coil neck, both inside coils, inside coil bridge, bridge)
- 25.5" scale
- Wizard HP prestige neck
- Maple fretboard with small black dot inlays
- Contoured neck joint

And I'll take it in both 6 string and 7 string versions.

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RGD Body.
Flat white.
7 strings.
26.5" scale.
24 frets.
Ebony fretboard.
Prestige small dot inlays.
Mahogany body.
Maple/mahogany 5pc neck thru.
Cosmo Lo-Pro.
Any ole tuners will do.
Stainless steel frets.
Last 12 frets scalloped.
Dunlop Straplocks.
Not sure what pickups (I still need to try more).
One volume and a 3-way toggle in the RGD layout.
.095-.44 with a low .66 in Drop A.

Yeah. I think that just about covers it!
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