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What models come with locking studs?

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Hey, I've decided I want a guitar with a whammy.

Now, I was looking at the 1570, but I hear it doesn't come with locking nuts. Does this mean it will go out of tune alot?

What guitars do ibanez currently offer that come with locking nuts? Or what guitars did they offer that would be good?

thanks very much for any help!
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All Ibanez models with floating trems come with locking nuts. Every 05' Prestige RG has a floating trem (Edge Pro).
Is it locking studs I'm thinking of?

I've read people say `do the locking stud mod` or something, does this need to be done to prestige trems? ...

Are the trems okay at staying in tune when they come stock from the factory with no mods?

EDIT ...

After changing my mind loads about what guitar to get, If the trem is good (I'm new to trems so i need a good one, so it's not too hard) I'm getting the 1570 and swaping the pups to a evolution 2 in the bridge and a paf joe in the neck. Do you think this would be a good combo?
Yes you are thinking of the locking stud mod, ibanez quite doing it from factory like two years ago or somewhere around there. The edge pro on the 1570 is great. Some people still love the old edges and such but I have plenty of each and I really like the edge pro. You do't need to do the stud mod but for as cheap as it is you might as well. It would help tuning stablity a bit and also is supposed to help with durablity, some people have had problems with ripping the trem posts out overtime with abuse in guitars without the stud mod. Thats basicly the rundown of the whole thing.
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